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Sox and Lox Extend Their Box



Sox and Lox Extend Their Box is a great resource for teachers and provides an interactive activity for parents and homeschoolers.

Discover how two friends, Sox the Fox and Lox work together to plan a sustainable home. Their environmentally conscious ways are put into play.

This delightful book encourages children to further engage in creating their own sustainable home with a site plan, materials to collect and to reflect upon their works.

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Sox and Lox Extend Their Box is a children’s picture book. Discover how to help the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Sox and Lox Extend Their Box is a book that will suit parents and teachers reading aloud to young children.

They are two friends who reflect upon their friendship and work together to create. They put thought into their creative process making choices and decisions. Reusing old things, giving them new life, creating a magnificent ‘Fort Knox’.

The book boasts both narrative and informational appeal.

Here’s a book for the environment –   with the growing awareness of recycling in homes and schools, the book explores concepts of reducing waste through recycling and reusing. The funnel is endless and a fun introduction to the discovery of what it entails in an educational window. This book will contribute well to school libraries and is perfect for stimulating classroom discussion about reducing waste, environmental beliefs, and human relationships to the environment.

As well as the opportunity to introduce two famous artists, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. Pollock an American abstract painter would splash liquid paint onto a horizontal surface, his work is on display in The National Gallery of Australia.  Warhol an American artist is known for his pop art and use of bright colours and silk screening.

These art techniques can be embodied in the box creation – inventive and inspirational.  The opportunities are as large as one’s imagination.

The stunning illustrations are evocative of the representation of the story unfolding.  It’s a charming book for young children, but older children will also delight in it immensely as they complete the activity section at the back adding their own personalities. This extra component allows mindfulness and creative flare, encouraging more than just a reading experience. The extension allows one to not only create but also put the concepts into practice.

The prospect of this book will be decided by others – but in the meantime, more books will be crafted and let them talk about this while they decide where to categorise Sox the Fox and Lox who Recycle Reuse and Decorate A Box. (Inspired by a Warhol quote).

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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