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DinosOz Friends

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Enter the amazing world of Australian dinosaurs
Two best friends and their incredible adventure in the age of dinosaurs! Prepare to be entertained by an amazing journey in the past, full of excitement and real facts.
James and Simone will encounter fantastic ancient creatures in the spectacular world of Australia around 100 million years ago!

Are you ready to discover Australian dinosaurs?

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DinosOz Friends adventure story. Join best friends, Simone and James as they discover the exciting world of Australian dinosaurs.

Simone Sullivan and James Jackson are best friends.  They share a passion for dinosaurs and fossil hunting.  During a dinosaur dig on the southern coast of Australia, they discover an incredible world filled with real, live, dinosaurs!   Follow them on their DinosOz Friends adventure as they explore this fascinating world full of amazing encounters.

Enter the incredible world of Australian dinosaurs

Did you know …
Australia’s famous Australovenator was found at Winton, in outback Queensland and it was found next to a long-necked long-tailed dinosaur called a sauropod. They may have died because they were both stuck in the mud. The Australovenator was called Banjo and the big herbivore next to it was called Matilda. They were named in honour of Banjo Patterson who wrote the famous song, Waltzing Matilda.

Did you know that Muttaburrasaurus is the biggest ornithopod (their hips are the same as birds) herbivorous dinosaur found in Australia to date, and they are named after the town of Muttaburra in central Queensland, near where they were first discovered?

Did you know that meat-eating dinosaurs like the Australovenator shed teeth constantly and their teeth were serrated, like the blades of steak knives?

Did you know that Leaellynasaura is named after a little girl called Leaellyn by the palaeontologist who found its skull in western Victoria?

Did you know that the biggest hand claw found in Australia is over 20 cm long?

And did you know that at Lark Quarry in Central Queensland there were footprints found from a stampede of dinosaurs, with over three thousand prints preserved?

“DinosOz Friends” Dinosaur Glossary:
Cretaceous: is the time that goes from 145 to 66 million years ago, it is also called the Age of Dinosaurs.
Fossil: the remains of a prehistoric creature captured in rock, that over time has become part of the rock.
Ornithopod: herbivorous dinosaurs (plant-eaters) that have a “bird-foot” shape and moved on two legs.
Palaeontologist: a scientist who studies fossils.
Plesiosaur: a marine reptile with a very long neck and four paddles.
Pterosaur: a flying reptile with a long beak and often, a large wingspan. There were many different species. They are now extinct.
Theropod: carnivorous (meat-eater) dinosaurs with very sharp claws and teeth, fast and agile.

Enjoy your DinosOz Friends adventure story

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

7 reviews for DinosOz Friends

  1. Lisa Kelly

    Me and the kids are loving this book. The kids commented on the wonderful pictures. A great story with lots of juicy details and scientific facts …I can’t wait to go to the interactive website too which goes with the books. I highly recommend.

  2. Daniel Mustata

    My 6 year 2 child absolutely loved this book. The illustrations are first class…the characters are interesting, the descriptive language and scientific facts merged into the storyline are just gold. So nice to see a well written educational story for kids with a website the kids can go to after and connect further with the characters. So clever. We want more please.

  3. Tom Kapitany

    A new children’s dinosaur book by an Australian Author.
    Great for kids
    Indigenous themes and Australian dinosaurs.

  4. Marisa Alo

    My children love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and bright. The story has lots of action and fascinating adventures. There are fun facts about Australian dinosaurs and also a glossary. Kids learn by having fun and they want to have adventures like Simone and James, the main characters in the book! ‘DinosOz friends’ will appeal to children and adults who are young at heart. My children also loved the link to the incredible DinosOz website which is very interactive with plenty of educational games for kids of all ages. Highly recommended and entertaining, a must read. We’ve already read this book three times, and my kids are already asking when the next adventure will be.

  5. Rebecca Cowan

    This book is packed full of Australian dinosaur facts. It gave my daughter and I the opportunity to discuss different parts of Australia as well as the shifting of the Earths continents.
    The story was really sweet and engaging and the links to indigenous culture was unexpected but fantastic.
    The dinosoz website was an absolute bonus. My daughter has been sharing it with everybody and we all know which type of dinosaur we would have been!!
    We can’t wait to see what adventures the kids get up to next and sneak in some learning whilst we are at it!

  6. James Bone (verified owner)

    This book is a winner! It’s about time someone wrote an adventure story, for Australian kids, about Australian dinosaurs. Dinos Oz Friends is well presented, well illustrated, fast paced and will no doubt inspire the next generation of budding palaeontologists!

  7. Aron Koh (verified owner)

    Beautifully illustrated, with an endearing story. A great mix of information and imagination for young readers.

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