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Our Skin Colour Hardcover Edition

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Meet Mark. His mummy has brown skin, his daddy has olive skin, and he has tan skin.

Our Skin Colour is a gentle, heart-warming introduction to aid in talking with your child about difference and diversity. It’s the book every parent needs when their child begins kindergarten or daycare, and it’s the book every small child needs to read or have read to them.

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Our Skin Colour (hardcover edition) is a gentle, heart-warming introduction to aid in talking with your child about difference and diversity.

Hardcover limited edition available only while stocks last

Our Skin Colour is a book that caters to children aged 3 to 8 years and is very relevant to families with Children, Primary Schools, kindergartens and libraries.

Between this age, children become more curious about the world, especially about topics like our skin colour, and want to begin making sense of them. This will be a great time to start conversations about race and skin colour.

In the aggressive and divisive political climate we currently live in, now more than ever, children not just from diverse backgrounds need every opportunity to see themselves celebrated. This book offers the chance to start an early conversation with future generations that normalises cultural diversity and encourages compassion and unity.

Our Skin Colour is a book that creat acceptance of the difference in our skin appearance but also emphasise that we are the same in some ways and that our similarities are what make keep us together as humans. It also points out that our community is strongest when it is made up of different people and Just because we are different doesn’t mean we don’t love each other; families with different skin colours are normal and is something to be proud of.

The book creates a safe space for parents to have conversations about our skin and race differences with their children. This book will answer all our children’s questions about our different skin types. Parents can also use the book to point out and explore other differences we have as an example while reading this.

The book filled with values and skills that our children need to live and study in a diverse environment. These skills and values will build them up for a better society where people don’t see skin colour but what people have to offer and their impact on society and the community in which they live.

Our Skin Colour is a book that will positively impact our children’s life, upskill them for a better inclusiveness future, and raise leaders who don’t see colour when leading the country.

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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