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Timba’s Tree

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Timba’s Tree is a coming of age story with a deep habitat and environment protection message

Timba’s Tree follows the story of a curious young Koala on an unexpected journey of self-discovery. In strange surroundings and unable to satisfy his gnawing appetite, he could well be at the end of the earth for all he knows.

As his appreciation of his own backyard grows, he learns the true nature of survival for himself and his kind.

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Timba’s Tree is a coming of age story with a deep habitat and environment protection message

In a time before European settlement, in an ancient Eucalypt forest a young Koala called Timba has a thought; to climb from his Mothers back and down the tree, all on his own.

Following his curiosity, a sense of adventure is born and Timba finds himself in situations beyond his wildest imaginings. In a strange and lonely ‘somewhere’ he is faced with new and unexpected challenges.

With a very limited diet and no suitable food in sight, Timba’s grumpy tummy urges him to find the leaves that he needs to satisfy his hunger.

It is not until Timba finally makes it back home, to the forest he knows, that the true nature of survival for his kind is revealed to him.

Timba’s Tree is about the experience of the coming of age, a time of exploring and expressing independent thoughts and ideas. Of discovering new ways of thinking and of seeing the world. A time of having to face some of life’s difficult challenges for the very first time, of finding inner strength and building confidence.  With an underlying environmental theme, Timba’s Tree holds a deep and urgent message about our connection to the world around us and the part we play in the importance of wildlife conservation and habitat protection for the sake of all living beings.

Timba’s Tree is aimed at young readers between 8-12yrs with the hope that it might inspire them to consider some of the environmental issues at our doorstep. With the hope that it will encourage young people to raise their voices in the discussion, express their concerns, offer their insights about the sort of world they want to inherit.

Timba’s Tree will also appeal to younger children as they follow the Koala’s adventure through the beautiful watercolour illustrations.

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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