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Miss Mollie All Alone From Home

(7 customer reviews)

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Dive into the enchanting world of Miss Mollie, the lovable Moodle with diamond-like eyes. In “Miss Mollie: All Alone at Home” is written and illustrated by Kerrie-Rae Ellis. Join this cute Aussie girl and her furry friends for fun-filled days on the Mid-North Coast.

One morning, adventure takes an unexpected turn as Miss Mollie finds herself lost and alone. With captivating illustrations and a heartfelt narrative, this picture book weaves a tale of courage, friendship, and the determination to find one’s way back. Will Miss Mollie overcome the frightening storm and reunite with her loving home?

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“Miss Mollie: All Alone at Home” is a heartwarming children’s picture book by the talented Indigenous Australian author and illustrator, Kerrie-Rae Ellis. Dive into the enchanting world of Miss Mollie, an adorable Moodle with a penchant for kisses and a spirit as lively as her wavy locks.

Meet the cute Aussie girl who can make your world twirl with her diamond-like eyes, capable of piercing your soul to a childlike size. Miss Mollie, a small black dog with a happy tail, knows how to slay socks and brings joy to her loving home on the Mid-North Coast, where the deep blue ocean captivates her the most. Join Miss Mollie and her furry friends, Silky, Sasha, Harry, and Simone, in a delightful journey filled with fun and laughter.

But one quiet morning, something changes. Early and bright, Miss Mollie finds herself far from home, all alone and unable to find her way back. As she encounters a towering fence and the weather takes a turn for the worse, dark clouds and pouring rain make her adventure even more daunting. Miss Mollie’s once familiar world becomes frightening with loud sounds of thunder and lightning.

Will Miss Mollie find her way back home? In “Miss Mollie: All Alone at Home,” Kerrie-Rae Ellis beautifully weaves a tale of courage, friendship, and the strength to overcome challenges. This charming picture book is not only a visual delight with its enchanting illustrations but also a captivating story that will resonate with young readers and leave them eagerly turning the pages to discover the heartwarming conclusion of Miss Mollie’s adventure.

“Miss Mollie” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

7 reviews for Miss Mollie All Alone From Home

  1. Donna Milligan (verified owner)

    Sweet Miss Mollie, loved reading this book. Love the illustrations. Perfect for young and old to immerse yourself in a little adventure. I look forward to reading more adventures. It’s also sweet to have on display on your shelf…Donna

  2. Jenean (verified owner)

    I love this book and so does my granddaughter. We loved the storyline. It was easy for Isla (6) to follow and the illustrations are fabulous. My granddaughter liked the black cat picture because her sister has a black cat. She also loved the fact that the story rhymed. Very enjoyable book to read. Hope there will be more Miss Mollie adventures for us to follow.

  3. Nadine H

    Such an endearing children’s book that encapsulates a child’s view of the world & entices imagination.
    The happy ending of Mollie finding her way home is a concept that children & adults can relate to.
    Can’t wait for the next Mollie chapter!

  4. Linda Walker

    I purchased Miss Mollie for a friend youngsters. It’s so refreshing to read a good wholesome story to the little ones . I know Miss Mollie and Kerrie Rae personally. Mollie is a beautiful affection adorable little fur ball. Can’t wait for her next adventures.

  5. April Kennedy

    I love this book so much miss mollie is so cute can’t wait for her next big adventure

  6. Rowena (verified owner)

    “Miss Mollie – All Along from Home” is a beautifully illustrated story that follows the adventures of Mollie, a gorgeous Australian Moodle.. As she embarks on a journey away from home, she encounters various challenges along the way. Kerrie-Rae, the author, skillfully tells Mollie’s story with well-chosen words that will surely capture the heartstrings of readers. This wonderful storybook is not only a great read for children but also for young families. The engaging narrative and stunning illustrations make “Miss Mollie” a must-have addition to any family’s book collection.

  7. Blake Richards (verified owner)

    I bought this book for my granddaughters who asked me to read it with them. They thoroughly enjoyed it, as did I

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