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Learning the Wayapa Way

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Learning the Wayapa Way: This beautifully illustrated book helps children to build meaningful, lifelong connections that matter.

Discover a solution to that lingering feeling of disconnection in your life and your children’s. In a busy world, it’s easy to feel adrift, but you’re not alone. Many, including your little ones, grapple with this sense of detachment. But there’s hope. Wayapa® offers a path back to connection, rooted in ancient Indigenous wisdom. This practice teaches the vital bond between humanity and Mother Earth, nurturing a sense of belonging and well-being. Through Wayapa®, children learn to appreciate their place in the world and cultivate a deeper connection to nature. Give them the tools to thrive and harmonize with our planet.

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Learning the Wayapa Way: This beautifully illustrated book helps children to build meaningful, lifelong connections that matter.

It is with much joy, respect and gratitude that we endorse this wonderful book, The Wayapa Way, written and illustrated by Leslie & Justine Tarrant. Les and Jus have truly embodied the creator energy for the Wayapa in Education Branch of our Wayapa tree since 2020 creating a dynamic, nurturing and strength-based program for Wayapa Education Practitioners, Early Years Educators & Services and most importantly, the children.

This book is a beautiful example of their passion and dedication to The Wayapa Way. We believe this book will help create a lasting legacy of intergenerational wellbeing for our future generations and our Mother Earth…Jamie Marloo Thomas & Sara Jones,

Wayapa Wuurrk Co-Creators

Do you ever find yourself feeling like something’s missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Are you worried that your children may also share this feeling of disconnection.

Maybe they act out or demand things they don’t need to try to feel better, and it just doesn’t seem to work?

Or perhaps you’re always super busy with family, work, and taking care of your little ones, so you hardly have time to think about how they are feeling?

No matter what you do, that sense of not quite being connected just keeps growing inside of them.

But you’re not alone.

In today’s world, lots of people, just like your children and just like you, are struggling with this feeling of disconnection.

You see, many of us feel this way because we’ve lost touch with our “home”. And by “home”, we’re not talking about the place where we live, but rather the planet we all call home.

Indigenous peoples have always understood this deep connection. They call the planet Mother Earth because she gives us everything we need to live. When we lose that connection to the Earth, we lose something vital that keeps us grounded and healthy.

That’s where Wayapa® comes in. It’s a special practice based on ancient Indigenous wisdom. It was created to help us reconnect with the Earth and live in harmony with it.

By teaching your children about Wayapa®, you’re not just helping them understand their place in the world, but you’re also giving them tools to feel more connected, grounded, and happier in their lives. It’s a beautiful way to introduce them to the importance of caring for our planet and living in harmony with nature.

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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