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When You Get To Know Me



“When you get to know me, what can you say? Do I process things in a different way?”. Get to know people around you by seeing things from their perspective. Things may not be quite as they first seem…

Originally intended to encourage inclusion for children with autism and sensory processing disorders, “When you get to know me…” reminds us that we are all individuals. It sparks ideas of different points of view and how to include everyone, no matter how differently we perceive the world.

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When You Get To Know Me encourages the inclusion of children with autism and sensory processing disorders. Getting to know them and seeing things from their perspective.

This picture book is ideal for ages 4 years and up and comes to life when read aloud. With rhyme and rhythm to please the ear of young learners, as well as playful characters and colourful images to engage the eye, it will soon be a favourite book. With vocabulary expanding words and concepts to promote inclusion, this book will start conversations on difference and diversity and inspire us to discover the spice of life!

It is okay to be different, but we all want to be understood. It is not always easy to see another way of looking at things. Are some people missing out on fun or learning because of barriers preventing them from joining in? Perhaps by getting to know each other we can help everyone participate by overcoming these barriers. Maybe we can discover something about our own world when we look at it through another’s eyes?

What could happen if we share the magic when toes and sand meet or move a book and see the lights dance off the book’s pages?

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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