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What is Hotter Than the Fire

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This book draws its title from a Proverb: “When you see a rat run into the fire, then know that what it is running away from is hotter than the fire”

Proverbs have been in use for many centuries by most cultures. Although they may differ across cultures, their use and applications are often universal. When the proverbs are accurately explained and fully articulated all cultures are able to understand their often deep and prophetic meanings.

The people of Zambia have embraced and used proverbs for millennia. While those contained within this book may be unique to the Zambian culture, their application has found common ground with other proverbs and cultures from around the World.

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What is Hotter Than the Fire? The proverbs contained within this book are unique to Zambian culture. However, there is common ground with cultures from around the World.

Although the proverbs may be different in different cultures, their use and applications can be universal if the proverbs are accurately explained and fully articulated for other cultures to understand. Zambian cultures have been using proverbs, which may be unique to them, but their application has found common grounds with other proverbs from other cultures.

Proverbs have a special way of expressing a very important point in a very summarized form. Some of the Proverbs in this Book are more straightforward and easy to understand than others. Sometimes people find it difficult to understand some proverbs due to the lack of the context in which those proverbs were formulated. The author uses the stories to contextualize the proverbs. It is evident that once the context is clear, most people begin to enjoy the use of proverbs in their day-to-day talks.

Proverbs have been in use for many centuries by various cultures.

Proverbs are also a common way in which many cultures summarize long stories. In some cases, the proverbs are used to hide the actual meaning to those who do not know the context in which such a proverb was formulated. In some cases, the proverbs are also used to make the listener formulate their own meanings of what they are hearing from others.

In “What is Hotter Than the Fire?” the author explores wisdom in the Zambian proverbs. To make it easier for others to understand their meanings, various stories, which include those of animals, have been used. Storytelling has been an integral part of the Zambian culture. The use of animal stories, in which most people interacted within their natural environments, has been common among most cultures.

Most of the stories in this book are in the Zambian context and are around the animals, usually considered to have been able to talk to each other, in some cases even with human beings. The stories are mostly in the pre-industrial times, when electricity, modern communication gadgets and civilization had not yet been developed. The book also highlights different characters attributed to different animals. For example, Rabbit the Hare is commonly and popularly known as Kalulu. Kalulu is known to be a trick-star, subtle and usually a liar. If someone is described as Kalulu, most people are careful in accepting anything they say. On the other hand, a person described as a Hyena is silly, dull, greedy, and unkind. Most people avoid associating with such a person.

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

5 reviews for What is Hotter Than the Fire

  1. Davis Chilalama

    It is a wonderful book full of wise proverbial tales. Very easy to follow and full of real life wise lessons.

  2. Talitha

    Great wisdom in proverb form! Thank you for passing this on to future generations.

  3. Tommy Adebayo

    As said by the author in the book, the beauty of proverbs is the universality of their meaning which everyone can relate to them in some way and on some level. Congratulations to the author in putting this wonderful book together.

  4. Leon Pienaar

    Fascinating insight to Zambian culture and traditional life but with wisdom which is just as relevant to any society anywhere. I will never see a rabbit (kalulu ) the same again. A must read for all and great for bedtime stories teaching values to young children.

    Well done .

  5. Julie Hutchinson

    I loved reading this book. The author demonstrates how we can use the wisdom of Zambian proverbs to understand life experiences and teach our young ones important morals and values.

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