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ABC of a Kidpreneur

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Mindset is EVERYTHING! This alphabetical guide will help your children develop a growth mindset, loving self-talk, and a can-do attitude. Setting them up for future success and confidence to follow their dreams.

In today’s world where kids need for instant gratification can add undue stress to their and the parent’s life, focusing on whom our little people need to BE as opposed to giving them more of what they WANT is where the gold is to be found.

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Eamon Eastwood has created ABC of a Kidpreneur as a guide to help your children develop a growth mindset, loving self-talk, and a can-do attitude. Setting them up for future success.

ABC of a Kidpreneur is ideal for kids aged 6-11. Inspired by his Child Psychologist Father and budding kidpreneur Daughter. The Author and successful entrepreneur, Eamon Eastwood, has launched the book to inspire kids to challenge what society tells them to do and rather design a life and career that is self-expressive and fulfilling.

The simple book has an alphabetical structure.  Each letter represents a different trait or value important to thrive in tomorrow’s fast-paced world. Beautiful illustrations bring each letter alive. Helping embed each important lesson. Eamon uses colourful stories and examples to highlight each little learning. The kidpreneur survival guide also has a one-page business plan, a guide to creating smart goals and a short glossary to build that bank of knowledge.

The ABC of a Kidpreneur as a guide is meant to be picked up and enjoyed at any time. But a 30-day challenge (a letter a day, followed by the little exercises at the end) can help create a daily practice for your child to train their brain for resilience, self-love, gratitude, and deep belief in their abilities and self-worth.

Gift this special guide to your child and witness the positive change!

  • Endorsed by the Club Kidpreneur Founder and serial entrepreneur Creel Price
  • Recommended for ages 6-11

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

2 reviews for ABC of a Kidpreneur

  1. Ian Bosler

    This is a great primer for kids. An intro to the World of innovation and having a go that can set them up for life. This stuff isn’t taught in schools but should be.

  2. Damian (verified owner)

    A fantastic gift for budding entrepreneurs. Teaching them the skills needed to fill the jobs not yet created.

    I loved receiving my copies, in such a short timeframe.

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