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Self Care Workbook and Card Set

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The premium stress management tool kit… Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Set—the ultimate  combination guide to help you develop your personalised well-being journey. Customise your journey by highlighting, bookmarking, and tracking progress. Prioritise yourself—nurture confidence, discover strategies, and monitor well-being. Embrace a happier, healthier life with this transformative workbook and card set. Order now for a concise, impactful path to self-care and well-being!

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“Self Care Workbook and Card Set” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


Self Care Workbook and Card Set. Learn effective self-care strategies to manage stress and prevent burnout, anxiety, and depression with this tool kit.

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Discover your personal guide to well-being when you explore the combined stress management Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Set, created by Katherine Foster, a seasoned registered Counsellor and Career Development Specialist.

The Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Deck combination package provides a powerful, unparalleled, multi-functional, easy-to-read and apply resource for adults experiencing everyday stress or periods of crisis.

The Self-Care combination package provides comfort, inspiration, resources, and a safe go-to support structure. Explore a wide range of stress management strategies such as setting “SMART Goals” and engaging in relaxation and meditation. Discover the benefits of “Complementary Therapies” and the happiness that comes with “Getting Out of the House”. Immerse yourself in the world of “Good Books” and even indulge in some guilty pleasure “Trashy Novels”. Get active and energise your body with “Move and Shake Your Body”. Finally, reconnect with your playful side and tap into your “Inner Child”. No matter your budget or personal preference, there is a stress management strategy tailored just for you.

When combined, the Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Deck provide multiple benefits, including allowing the user to:-

  • Explore, identify, and use their preferred self-care strategies and coping skills.
  • Establish, Track and Monitor action, outcomes and effectiveness of self-care strategies.
  • Create a visual and motivational focus point of reference.
  • Focus and take positive and meaningful self-soothing steps to calm and support self.
  • Distract and ground themselves from the situation or the negative mind-tapes
  • Engage their inquisitive mind
  • Increase their sense of self-confidence, resilience and self-efficacy (self-belief)
  • Independently support their physical and mental health and well-being, whilst simultaneously providing resource and referral information if required.
  • Create and implement a meaningful Self-Care Resource, Self-Care Tool Kit and Self-Care plan

Tailor this tool kit to your unique needs by:

  • Highlighting sections that resonate with you
  • Using bookmarks or Post-It Notes for quick reference
  • Completing the Assessment and Outcomes Table to evaluate effectiveness
  • Adding your cherished activities to enhance each category

This practical tool kit is your immediate resource for self-care and stress alleviation. Engaging in the suggested activities enables you to:

  • Cultivate mindfulness in the present
  • Elevate confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth
  • Craft a personalised self-care arsenal
  • Uncover novel strategies for stress management
  • Familiarise yourself with available support services
  • Empower yourself to shape a fulfilling life
  • Recognise and mitigate signs of stress and burnout
  • Foster positive coping mechanisms
  • Discern the need for professional intervention
  • Maintain a vigilant watch over your overall health and well-being

Let go of the concept of correct or incorrect responses—this combination workbook and card set serves as a platform for self-exploration. Create and incorporate a personalised self-care plan into your everyday life, making yourself the top priority. Engage in the life-changing experience of self-care by purchasing your own Stress Management Self-Care Workbook and Self-Care Card Set today. Take advantage of this opportunity to foster a life of improved well-being!

“Self Care Workbook and Card Set” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

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1 review for Self Care Workbook and Card Set

  1. Ian Bosler

    Congratulations! What an amazing body of work! Worth all the effort and toil!
    So comprehensive and useful. Bringing together so many vital ideas, concepts and practices. I love the self-care toolkit, self-care plan template, all the chapters, assessment and outcomes and the ability to write notes.

    Really love the cards as well – great to shuffle, select and reflect! I’m looking forward to delving into the products even more in coming weeks.

    Catherine C

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