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An Unspoken Story

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An Unspoken Story: Living with autism. Sidharth Chandran writes from the perspective of a man who, in his own words, is ‘cocooned in autism.’

Sidharth writes from the perspective of a man who, in his own words, is ‘cocooned in autism.’

“I want everyone to know that I am a thinking, feeling man, I do not speak. I am aware that I act in ways that others see as ‘weird’ as though I had ‘no sense.’ This is because my mind and body work differently and not always in congruence with each other. I can express myself through typing. I would like people in ‘Planet Normal’ to know what people with Complex Communication Needs (non- speakers) experience.” Sidharth describes his account as a ‘window into autism’.

Lost my Voice

Not my mind

Lost my way

Not my will

Through the written word, Sidharth has found his voice in order to become a ‘Soldier for Change’.

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An Unspoken Story: Living with autism. Sidharth Chandran writes from the perspective of a man who, in his own words, is ‘cocooned in autism.’

Sidharth is an autistic man who spent his early years without a formal means of communication. 

Once he began to type, he amazed and delighted his friends and family with his acuity and frequent wit.

His lucid understanding of the world and the clarity of his observation and judgement belie the severity of his autism. 

His journey with autism and the support from the people around him form a major thread running through the book. His insights are compelling and tell us about his experience that even his intimate circle have no inkling of. He was driven by the conviction that this story needed to be told so it could make a difference to the people who cared and to the world at large. This conviction is evident in his book. 

This book was born out of his desire to share his view of the world he lives in and describe to readers his experience of living with autism.

An Unspoken Story is his first published book although he has written articles and poems for various publications.

In An Unspoken Story, he writes of his sensory difficulties and how they impact on his interaction with the world. 

He has hopes for the future of autism research and wants to add to the literature on non-speaking autism because he thinks that this neglected and hard-to-understand segment of the autistic population will be served by accounts such as his. 

Self-advocacy, policy change and the importance of relationships are all dealt with in this book. 

Sidharth was born and bred in Sydney, Australia. He has a great love of the outdoors and music. He loves sports such as skating, swimming and biking. He enjoys writing and considers writing to be his vocation.

Sidharth has a website at 

“An Unspoken Story: Living with autism” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

1 review for An Unspoken Story

  1. Uma Ram (verified owner)

    Just finished reading the Unspoken Story by Sidharth Chandran. What a masterpiece. Sid sure does have the gift of the gab & has expressed his feelings so eloquently.
    He mentions in the story that he could have gone to University but I would go a step further & say that he is an university. I know life in planet normal is hard as no one knows what is ‘norma’ & assumes that a one size fits all approach works. I can fully agree with Sid’s views here as the mom of a young man with autism. I know it is extremely frightening to live as an odd ball in a world of square people but I think Sid is doing that in an admirable way. I am sure this book is going to open up the minds of a lot of square people in the years to come. I would love to see Sidharth work in the Disability policy area & lead the way in forming policies to ensure that people with autism get the right benefit . Let us hope that the partner that Sidharth is looking for is somewhere out there in the wide world & cupid weaves her wand.
    Cannot wait for Sidharth’s next book .👏

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