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Soaring High

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Soaring High – Difficult Times, Vijaya’s series of poems and images are a beautiful and deeply felt exploration of issues that in some way define the broad human condition. It is a celebration of resilience and creativity and the emotions which are central to a meaningful existence. The fact that she has created these works over the restrictive and challenging conditions of the last 2 years is a testament to her acute sensibility and her capacity to discern meaning in the everyday

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Soaring High – Difficult Times. Explore the art and poetry of Vijaya Sen as she navigates her way through life while recovering her mental health.

Authors Note:

I’ve been drawing and doing art since a very young age and Mum kept these drawings since I was three. I also have been interested in language and writing too including writing journals and illustrating. My interests have been very encouraged by my family and teachers. I have a cv of fourteen solo shows. I have a bachelor of visual arts degree from ANU.

It’s been a lifelong devoted practice and I’ve been known for my talent since preschool in Lyons Canberra ACT and in India where we travelled to where my father came from. In addition, I have a vast knowledge of art history encouraged by my Dad. So my artistic upbringing and vocation is a very real and God-given blessing inherited by my Dad and my gift in language both from my Mum and Dad.

My Mum is an English teacher and book reviewer, my Dad an art critic and scholar with Asian studies degree and a tour guide at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. I am carrying on the legacy and knowledge I studied learned and was encouraged in by my parents. With my life journey much of my art has played an enormous part in my growth and spiritual happiness and humility, peace, and understanding of life.

The devotion to my art and language, I believe, deserves credit, particularly by the learned, the educated and the young and playful at heart.

“Soaring High” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

3 reviews for Soaring High

  1. Rani Sen (verified owner)

    This book is a beautiful pairing of Vijaya’s soulful and beautiful art with her poetry. It is a moving reflection of her rich inner life, with tributes to all that she holds dear in life, such as family, beauty, nature, sanity and so much more. It is depicted with unique humour, warmth and a deep understanding of the human struggles. I highly recommend this.

  2. Rania Hamod (verified owner)

    Vijaya Sen is one of the most divine Angels who I know. She Truly deserves the greatest success, as she is right up there. I hope that everyone can see the Beautiful Angel that she is. She can open people’s hearts instantly with her pictures. So that everyone will get the most perfect healing with this book. So I hope that she can help to heal your heart too. I truly recommend this book and all her work, as she is a divine one. Let’s honour that!

  3. Tim Tebbutt (verified owner)

    Simply beautiful!

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