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A Young Life Most Unremarkable


This is Henri Korn’s third book. The book describes Henri’s first steps in Melbourne, his jobs and the 1950’s in the City as seen through European eyes and the eyes of a Holocaust survivor. The wonderful artists that Henri knew and others that fashioned Melbourne and Australia into what we know it is today. This book will complete a trilogy describing his lost early childhood, the Holocaust, the feeling of no sense of belonging and displacement and trying to get used to a new environment without adequate language. I first met Henri in 2011 in Melbourne when both he and his wife Sandra attend my first Holocaust-related exhibition in Australia. I also met them at a group exhibition that I had been invited to be a part of at the Holocaust Museum where Henri is a guide. The show was opened by the wonderful Mirka Mora, who was a friend of Henri’s. I was soon invited over for dinner to the Korn residence and we have developed a wonderful friendship over the years. What you soon realise if you ever have the pleasure of spending time with Henri (and Sandra) is that despite his precarious childhood and difficult start in Melbourne is a man who values life, wants to live it and looks at it through the eyes of a young person, still looking for the next adventure, still looking out at our ever-changing world in all its wonder- Thomas Delohery, Visual Artist.

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This is the third ‘Memoir’ by Child Holocaust Saviour Henri Korn which relates to his reluctance to come to Australia when he was just twenty years old in 1950. The book describes Henri’s first few steps in Melbourne, his jobs and the Nineteen Fifties in this city as seen through European eyes. The wonderful artists, musicians and others that Henri met who fashioned our city and the Australia we know today. His third memoir describes the difficulties of losing one’s past in exchange for a brighter and happier future.

‘Both heart-warming and heartbreaking’ -Sandra Minchin, Artist and Academic.

‘Honest, heartfelt, inspirational, a wonderful insight into the life of Henri Korn’- Thomas Delohery, Visual Artist.

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