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Katie van der Watt

Katie van der Watt

Katie van der Watt is the author of “When You Get To Know Me”

Katie van der Watt is a Speech Pathologist working in disability. She’s a mother of 4-year-old twins by day and a first-time author (without an alter ego) by night….

“When you get to know me…” grew organically from her passion for inclusion and learning through fun!

Katie van der Watt worked as a paediatric Speech Pathologist for several years after graduating from Sydney University this side of 2000 (just). With a particular interest and a passionate drive towards Inclusion and Human Rights she went on to work in the disability sector. “When you get to know me…” was born from this drive and an inspiration to educate through fun from her 4-year-old twins. She is an active person and nature lover who enjoys playing sport as much as she does spending time looking at a sunset over the water.

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