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Tales of No Pretence

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Tales of No Pretence is a collection of ten uplifting short stories inspired from real life events. Each story has a valuable message, whether it is about friendship, courage, determination, joy, life as an immigrant, connecting with other people. It’s about universal human beings’ insights and personal discoveries.

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“Dive into the pages of Tales of No Pretence, a captivating collection of ten short stories drawn from real-life experiences. Each narrative brims with uplifting messages, delving into themes of friendship, courage, determination, and the sheer joy of existence. From the challenges of life as an immigrant to the exhilaration of reconnecting with old friends, and from the awe-inspiring landscapes of Uluru to the resilience in the face of natural disasters, these tales offer poignant insights and personal revelations.

In this book, author Cornelia Ramsay invites readers to uncover their own interpretations of these events, drawing parallels to their own lives. Whether it’s contemplating the aftermath of an earthquake, revelling in a long-awaited reunion, or embarking on a transformative journey, each story serves as a catalyst for self-reflection and growth.

We all have our own stories to tell, and Tales of No Pretence invites you to join in the journey of discovery. Take a moment after each story to ponder its significance, to explore your emotions, and to chart your own path toward personal development.

Embark on this enriching journey of introspection and enlightenment. Your adventure awaits within these pages. Enjoy the read!”

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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