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A Distant Land Beyond

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How was Rorien going to find her if she was in a land beyond the skies? He just wanted to find her to feel complete. Never before had any being traveled beyond the skies to be with the one they love. Would she know him? Would she come back with him?

Annie’s senses were going crazy, heightened as if she was a superhero. How was she to learn to control her new powers? She needed to understand her unimaginable abilities and find someone to help her.

Elentari was a nobody who had only just arrived. There was nothing special about her, she was an average girl with nothing of value. So why did the King want to meet with her?

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Set across two worlds, A Distant Land Beyond is a story of one male searching for his love. The Master discovers she lives in another world. Rorien’s search for her world is not a quick task, and time is running out. He must find her before she turns 20 and she begins her awaking.

She woke on her 20th birthday to find her senses were heightened, and she was failing to control them. Before the day finished, a stranger stood at her door and understood her dilemma. He knew how to control her senses and told her that she was from a different world. When Annie confronts her parents, she finds that she was adopted after they found her as an abandoned baby. She realises that the strange man is telling the truth. She is from his world and is known as Elentari.

Rorien returns to his world with Elentari. She knew nothing of her biological parents. Arriving in town, she was summoned to meet the King. Elentari did not tremble under his scrutiny as the King questioned her. The King explained she was his daughter.

Elentari discovers she is different from most others in this new world, as she holds almost every power whilst others in this world only hold one power. Rorien becomes threatened by her status and power and is unsure whether he could love her and begins to despise her. When she threatens to return to Earth, Rorien realises he loves her, acts quickly to prove his love for her. Their love is confirmed when they complete their link in front of friends and family.

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

3 reviews for A Distant Land Beyond

  1. Marzia Baccega

    Just finished reading A Distant Land Beyond. Really amazing book enjoyed the adventure of Rorien and Elentri. Can’t wait for the follow up book to see where their new life takes them. Great read.

  2. Ian Morley.

    Congratulations on completing your first book an interesting read, can’t wait for your next book to find out it Donna stays or returns home.

  3. Cath

    Great read, left me wanting more. Can’t wait for the next book to find out what happens next

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