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A New Crowning Begins



A New Crowning Begins follows the story of Elentari and Rorien where A Distant Land Beyond finishes. A Distant Land Beyond is the story of Elentari meeting Rorien and their tumultuous relationship.  A New Crowning Begins follows the story of Elentari and Rorien as they begin their life together, and Elentari settles into her role as Princess of All the Lands.

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Commotion and turbulence seem synonymous with Elenatari’s time in her new world. After the passing of the King of the North, her Papa ‘The King of all the Lands’ anoints the new minor king. After the crowning, an avalanche threatens the life of Rorien and her other friends. Would they survive, could things ever be the same?

What else can happen in Elentari’s world?

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A New Crowning Begins is the second book in the series. It follows the story of Elentari and Rorien from A Distant Land Beyond.

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Elentari continues to acclimatise to her life as a princess in her new world. Following her linking to partner Rorien, Elentari shows her ‘Earth Parents’ her new home before heading off on her honeymoon to Roriens home town. Along the way, they encounter a lost giant named Vosco, and help him find his way home. You never know, one day the favour may be returned.

When the king of the north, King Heinrich, dies Elantari’s Papa ‘The King of all the Lands’  is required to perform the burial ritual and resolve the next to sit on the throne. After the ceremonies, Elentari, Rorien and some friends travel to the snowfields. An avalanche happens which buries many beings including Prince Theonry and Rorien. Elentari jumps into action and begins organising every being. A search to find the missing princes and every being begins.

Theonry is found too late and there is little hope for Rorien. He survives the night before their link snaps and he is gone. When he is found, Elentari finds a way to save his life, but struggle to restore their ‘link’. Following her 21st birthday celebrations with her family and friends, her Earth father is treated to a game of jiwebola, the traditional game.

Elentari and Fendton have been searching for ways to restore ‘links’, and following a trip to the ancient library, they are unknowingly transported to a chamber where yielding is nullified. The female who traps them explains how Elentari ended up on Earth and who she is. Her aim is to have Elentari dead, testing Elentaris physical and mental health in the torture chamber. The female disputes Elentari’s claim to the Crown, and aims to take it one way or another. Despite Elentari and Fendton escaping the chamber, the fight is not over. Elentari is forced into battle with the female, a battle for her Crown.

After the battle, Elentari expects life to settle down. During the januel, the King makes a surprising announcement, he is abdicating the throne. The minor kings follow with their abdication leaving Elentari frustrated. She does not want to take the throne and neither do the minor princes. Elentari presents her terms to the King, giving her a loophole out of taking the throne. This gives 120 days for Elentari and the princes to find a way out of being crowned.


Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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