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Clim Pacheco

Clim Pacheco

Clim Pacheco is the author of “Dare To Be Different”.

I first met Clim at a significant time for both of us. He was keen to volunteer in the community sector whilst setting up his own consultancy business. I was looking for expertise in risk management and strategy and so, with the ease of a phone call and meeting, a perfect match was formed! I benefitted from Clim’s experience and wisdom forged over many years in senior management and leadership roles across numerous sectors and countries. I cherished the support and wisdom generously given by Clim which sustained a significant change journey ahead.

Clim Pacheco’s book, Dare to be Different, introduces us to a man with exceptional vision and determination to shape his life on his own terms. Inspired by the words of his father Cosme, ‘dream your life’, Clim has done just that! He has created a life full of colourful experiences, vocational achievements and most important of all, the love of his wife Arlene and four grown-up children.

Clim is the ultimate global citizen – from his exotic birth country of Uganda he leaves for his parents home country of India triggered by his dad’s premonition of significant change to come in Uganda. As history showed, two years later Uganda faced mass expulsion of foreigners precipitated by Idi Amin’s rule. In India, Clim completes his tertiary studies in electrical engineering and begins a promising career in hydro engineering but leaves this to satisfy his curiosity for power transmissions engineering in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates! These two roles provide an opportunity for him to realise his leadership potential and ignites a burning desire to move into management and leadership roles in the future. He finally settles in Australia without any job prospects or family support. But ‘settle’ is not a term to use to describe Clim, but rather risk taker and change maker.

Clim’s grit and determination are equally matched by his collaborative style of leadership and emotional maturity to form a visionary outcome with others. His pioneering spirit and willingness to take risks has not always been welcomed by those fearful of change and discomfort. It has been through these experiences that Clim formed his leadership capability that we benefit from by reading this book. Clim has developed a number of models to shape his vocational life – as an engineer would! The first was formed in the deserts of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. He calls this his Life Goals Model – which outlines a 30.45.60 plan – a specific age-based vocational blueprint. It is amazing how much Clim’s work life has reflected this model despite being formed in his early years.

The second, the Personal Balance Sheet Model, and third, the 3+1+1=10 Earning, Learning and Giving Life Work Prosperity Model, challenges us to value and structure our contribution to work and life – a visionary view which if applied, would shake up future generations of workers and the very concept of work. Clim’s models are innovative and bold in their implications. Big ideas that go beyond the standard safe choices that most of us choose.

The central theme of this Clim’s story is his acknowledgment of those closest – Arlene, his children, his mother, and those who assisted him in his numerous vocations. It is with this deep and sweet sense of gratitude that Clim is keen to share his story and, like his dad, pass on the wisdom to dare us to dream our own lives’….and….’dare to be different’.

Penelope (Penny) Aquino…29 November 2019

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