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Just Battlin’ On Regardless

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A unique look at life in Australia through poetry

Just Battlin’ On Regardless provides a unique view of life in Australia through poetry.

Phil Sheather manages to capture some of his own Australian experiences which are re-told with humour and delivers great entertainment along the way.

Comprising 69 poems, Just Battlin’ On Regardless is only a small snapshot of the work created by this prolific Australian poet.

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Just Battlin’ On Regardless is an Australian poetry book that provides a unique view of life in Australia.

The following poem gives you some insight into the creation of this Australian poetry book, Just Battlin’ On Regardless. Throughout his poetry, Phil Sheather’s love for Australia and the characters that make it one of the best places in the world to live comes shining through.

Just one step at a Time.

When you commit yourself to verse but with only limited resources,

You’ll need commitment and tenacity to become your chief enforcers,

And as well a wide range of subjects to enable you to amass a fair quantity,

And lots of perseverance to avoid a trend that’ll drift towards inequality,


You try to incorporate humour while keeping it all authentic and sublime,

And you endeavour to tell a story but maintaining your statute is in rhyme,

Because your aim is to have it written in a language easily understood,

And if easily read and comprehended, then you’ve done all you should.

As a first time author I present for your approval a humble book of verses,


Written in a simple form of language and not interspersed with foul curses.

And if you can enjoy it only half as much as I, while composing and compiling,

Then we can sit comfy on our lounges, relaxed, contented, and all smiling.


Phil Sheather hopes you enjoy reading Just Battlin’ On Regardless as much as he enjoyed creating the uniquely Australian Poetry contained within.

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

1 review for Just Battlin’ On Regardless

  1. Ian

    Having grown up in rural NSW, Phil’s book of bush poetry has brought back many fond memories. A must-read for lovers of the Australian rural way of life.

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