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As the Neo-Taliban advanced towards the stunning Panjshir Valley, vivid memories of the people and places in Afghanistan unfolded before me like scenes from a movie. This prompted me to reflect on my experiences and make sense of the things I had witnessed and learned. The time I spent in Afghanistan gave me valuable insights that offered a different perspective on the world, viewed through the principles of social justice…Dr Annette Tzavaras

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Afghanistan is a country I can never forget. Memoirs, relegated to a closed page and a dusty vault, come alive across time and distance.

After the “wars on terror,” I personally witnessed the lasting effects of war and its toll on the people and land. While pursuing my Doctorate and documenting my intense experiences, the United States announced its plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. After years of relentless conflict that devastated the Afghan nation, there were widespread rumours about what would happen once the troops left.

As the Neo-Taliban made their way towards the breathtaking Panjshir Valley, my memories of Afghanistan and its people unfolded like a movie. Reflecting on my time there required me to compare and contrast what I had seen and learned. The insights I gained in Afghanistan offered a different perspective on the world, viewed through the lens of social justice principles.

During this time, Professor Omarzad, a professor from the University of Kabul, urgently sought refugee assistance after his campus was attacked by gunmen. His emails detailed how he had to relocate his family week by week to evade the Neo-Taliban’s intelligence. The regime targeted and criticized academics who embraced Western philosophy, accusing them of erasing Islamic art and cultural traditions. Unfortunately, there was no response to the asylum application forms sent to the Australian Government Homes Affairs Department in Canberra. Eventually, Professor Omarzad accepted an arts residency in Italy, and later he, his wife, and their daughters were granted asylum in Germany.

Furthermore, the stark contrast in the emotional response and assistance provided to the people of Ukraine exposed Western hypocrisy regarding the global refugee crisis. This discrepancy compelled me to finalise my memoirs, which offer a unique perspective on the Western occupation of Afghanistan based on my personal contact and observations.

Dr Annette Tzavaras

“Afghanistan” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

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