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Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall is the author of “If Seventy Is The New Fifty, When Do I Get To Retire?”. 

Dennis Hall is an in-demand and accomplished keynote speaker, conference presenter and business development coach, with over15 years of experience -this in addition to a management career spanning 30 years. His passion is in showing people how to have more control over their business outcomes and personal lives.

His unique blend of formal learning and experience delivers plenty of impact for those he presents to and works with. He regularly speaks at conferences throughout Australia and Internationally – from groups as small as 8 through to packed auditoriums of over 500 – on subjects such as; “Building better business relationships”, “The retirement myth”, “Personal productivity in business”, “Putting customers first”, “Negotiation skills” and “Digital marketing for analogue thinkers”.

Dennis and his wife, Iris, moved from Australia to Germany in 2015 for a two year “Adventure” that ended up being a three and a half year life-changing experience.

Dennis Hall’s current book, “If Seventy Is The New Fifty, When Do I Get To Retire?” is centred around that experience and lifts the lid on the retirement myth, showing people why everything that they thought they knew about retirement is a lie – and what they can do about it!

Dennis is now living back in Brisbane, Australia, where he spends his time pursuing his interests and helping others break free from the routines they have trapped themselves in so that they are able to enjoy a less stressful and more fulfilling lifestyle

He can be contacted by email at

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