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The Truths of Revelation

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The Truths of Revelation removes much of the confusion and misunderstanding many readers of The Bible have when reading “The Book of Revelation”.

“The Book of Revelation” is a fascinating and enigmatic addition to the New Testament, written by the apostle John during his exile on the island of Patmos around 90 AD. This highly symbolic and apocalyptic work offers a glimpse into a visionary world where cosmic battles are waged between good and evil, culminating in the return of Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead. Divided into three main parts – the prologue, the visions, and the epilogue – this book is a powerful meditation on the nature of faith, hope, and human destiny.

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The Truths of Revelation removes much of the confusion and misunderstanding many readers of The Bible have when reading “The Book of Revelation”.

The Book of Revelation is a highly symbolic and apocalyptic work, that is the final book in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The apostle John wrote it on the island of Patmos around 90 AD. It foretells the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ and is divided into three main parts: the prologue, the visions, and the epilogue.

In the prologue, John sets the stage for the visions that follow. He introduces himself as the author and describes his circumstances on Patmos. He then describes how he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day when he heard Jesus Christ’s voice commanding him to write down everything he sees and send it to the seven churches in Asia Minor.

The visions that follow are a series of highly symbolic and often disturbing images that depict the coming of Christ and the end of the world. In the first vision, John sees seven golden lampstands that represent the seven churches. He then sees a vision of Christ, who is described as a judge with eyes like flames of fire and a sword coming out of his mouth.

John then sees a series of visions that depict the coming of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first horse is white, and its rider represents conquest. The second horse is red, and its rider represents war. The third horse is black, and its rider represents famine. The fourth horse is pale, and its rider represents death.

Next, John sees seven seals that represent the judgment of God. Each time a new seal is opened, a new judgment is revealed. The first four seals are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, while the fifth seal shows the souls of martyrs crying out for justice. The sixth seal shows a great earthquake and the appearance of a blood-red moon. The seventh seal leads into the next series of visions.

In the next set of visions, John sees seven angels, each with a trumpet. As each trumpet is blown, a new judgment is revealed. The first trumpet brings hail and fire, the second trumpet brings a great mountain burning with fire, the third trumpet brings a star that falls from heaven and poisons the waters, the fourth trumpet brings darkness, the fifth trumpet brings an army of locusts, the sixth trumpet brings a great army of horsemen, and the seventh trumpet leads into the final series of visions.

Christ’s ultimate triumph and Satan’s defeat are depicted in the final visions. John sees a woman standing on the moon, clothed with the sun, giving birth to a male child who is destined to rule the nations. Later, a great red dragon tries to devour the child but is defeated by Michael and his angels. Despite making war on the woman and her offspring, the dragon is ultimately unsuccessful.

The book ends with an epilogue where John urges readers to remain faithful and warns them not to add or take away from the words of the book. He then describes a vision of a new heaven and earth where there is no pain, sorrow, or death, and God dwells among his people.

Over centuries, The Book of Revelation has been subject to much debate and interpretation, and many have different schools of thought regarding its meaning and significance. Some consider it a literal depiction of the end of the world, while others view it as a symbolic representation of spiritual truths. Regardless of interpretations, the book remains a fascinating and enduring work of apocalyptic literature.

“The Truths of Revelation” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype


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