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DinosOz Adventures Book 2 Eromanga Sea

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Are you ready for the next exciting adventure?

Simone Sullivan and James Jackson are long-time friends, they share the same passion for dinosaurs and fossil hunting. During a fossil dig, they come across an incredible world with real live dinosaurs. But that is only the beginning of their amazing adventures. James’s grandma will show him a way to be wherever he wants as long as he strongly wishes for it. From that moment onwards, the two companions travel back in time and have incredible adventures in a land of terrific dinosaurs.

Are you ready to continue your discovery of Australian dinosaurs?

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DinosOz Adventures Book 2 Eromanga Sea. Join best friends, Simone and James as they discover the exciting world of Australian dinosaurs.


Simone Sullivan and James Jackson are long-time friends who share the same passion for dinosaurs and fossil hunting.

A year has passed since their incredible adventure in the dinosaur world. Simone is shocked by a dream telling her that her dinosaur friend is in trouble. Determined to help, she prepares for another trip to the past with James. An accident leaves the two friends separated, hundreds of kilometres apart with the massive Eromanga Sea between them. Will Simone be able to help her friends and get everyone home again, or will someone be left stranded in the pre-historic world?

Enter the incredible world of Australian dinosaurs

The Eromanga Sea covered much of Australia up until the late Cretaceous period. Lightning Ridge is a small town located in Northern New South Wales. It is famous for the opals found in numerous mines in the area, and also for opalised dinosaur fossils, one of the only places in the world these can be found.

Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Most of the Dinosaurs in this book were real, and found in Australia. Where possible, we have tried to remain true to fact. Some artistic licence has been used for dramatic effect. You can find out more at the rear of this book in the ‘Fun Facts’ section.

Enjoy your DinosOz Adventures Book 2, Eromanga Sea

Always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

1 review for DinosOz Adventures Book 2 Eromanga Sea

  1. Craig

    I got my copy of this book and the first book from someone who knows the authors (so it doesn’t show as ‘verified’ in the review.) My kids loved the first book, and were so excited when I came home with the second book for them. My 12-year old picked it up and didn’t put it down until she finished it cover to cover! She says this book is even better than the first and is already nagging me for the next one! I haven’t finished reading it to my 7-yr old yet, but from what I’ve red so far, the authors have continued their excellent work in telling a great adventure story for kids, and throiwng in a bunch of dinosaur facts at the same time. Brilliant! I highly recommend this book series to anyone with kids who have an interest in dinosaurs. Even if they don’t, it’s a great adventure and well worth a read!

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