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Nigel Letty

Nigel Letty

Nigel Letty is the author of “The Wall”.

With years of experience in his own business, Nigel Letty knows the strategies for business success. He worked incredibly hard to take his brand from a single location, and turn it into a national network of fourteen retail stores. Nigel has 35 years of experience in businesses, spanning manufacturing, importing, distribution and retail. He has a rare combination of skills and experiences that enables him to transform businesses. 

 Nigel Letty has a knack for establishing strong processes and operating systems, along with targeted training and marketing plans. However, the thing that sets him apart is his unwavering passion for being the best in the business and developing the right mindset to win.

Nigel hopes you got value from the stories in “The Wall” and understand how sometimes a simple change of mindset can make huge changes for the operation of a business.

Nigel Letty believes owning and running a business provides the greatest opportunity to learn more about yourself and make changes in the way you think.

It also teaches you flexibility and challenges your determination.

As a keen cyclist, Nigel’s faced the mental and physical challenge that this activity provides. There is real satisfaction in bracing yourself against the elements and the terrain and getting to the end of your journey.

Nigel Letty wishes you well as you face the unknown landscape your business will present to you. Embrace the learning and give yourself the satisfaction of making it through all the celebrations and frustrations.

If at any time you want someone to ride beside you, please contact Nigel at any of the connections below.

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