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Leong Chong

Leong Chong

Leong Chong is the author of The Seven Principles of Bonsai Design

Leong Chong was introduced to the fascinating world of bonsai design in 2000 as a student at the School of Bonsai Inc. Having a natural flair for the bonsai art form, he combined knowledge gained at the school with his own methodical approach to successfully create many aesthetically appealing bonsai compositions. He later stayed on as a teacher to pass on his knowledge to other bonsai enthusiasts.

Leong Chong has sourced his plant material in a wide variety of ways, from bonsai nurseries, collected matured plants from gardens of houses that were to be demolished for development and even rescued many discarded plants left on the side of the road (if only those people who discarded them knew what they looked like now!). These plants, though having humble beginnings, have been trained to produce the wonderful array of spectacular bonsai compositions in Leong Chong’s personal collection.  In creating them, lots of techniques, processes and philosophies have been involved, which he has presented in his book ‘The Seven Principles of Bonsai Design’.

Additionally, he presents at various bonsai clubs and conducts workshops for beginners and experienced bonsai enthusiasts to share his thought processes for transforming untrained plant material into eye-catching bonsai settings.

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