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Joshua Barrish

Joshua Barrish

Joshua Barrish, the author of Tiffany and Luna’s Adventures…The Gift: a book that promotes to young adults to never give up no matter what.

Joshua comes from Sydney, Australia. This is his first book. He hopes you will enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

“Growing up and in school, I didn’t have many friends to socialise with, so I focused on myself and kept reading books to make me happy so that one day I could accomplish my dreams of becoming an author. Most of the time I was at home while other kids my age were partying. Thanks to my loving family support, I’ve become a published author at 18.”

My message is: “anyone that feels like they’re not good enough, be assured that you can accomplish anything you desire if you believe in yourself.”

Joshua’s book offers young adults a thrilling and exciting read with lots of learning curves along the way. The book gives the reader a unique look at the importance of family and friends through hard times as well as promotes the idea of never giving up no matter what the chances of success are. I truly believe that this book will become a staple in many homes due to its important messages as well as its exciting and thrilling twists and turns that keep any reader on their toes.

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