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Tammy Bartaia

Tammy Bartaia

Tammy Bartaia is the author of “The Young Woman With An Old Soul”

Tammy Bartaia is an International actress, TV presenter and author. From the age of seven, her dream was to become an actress.  She studied screen acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Nida) in Sydney, Australia.  Shortly after completing the program, she landed a lead role in a Bollywood film “The Legend of Peacock.”

Tammy Bartaia had a burning desire to write a novel.  She always loved to write, it allowed her to use her imagination to create something special.

“Even when there is no pen and paper in my hand I always write in my mind,” says Tammy.

While stuck in coronavirus lockdown, Tammy Bartaia opened a blank word document and started writing her novel:  “The Young Woman with an Old Soul.” It’s an emotional story that will fill your heart with love, hope and gratitude.

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