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Stephen (Sven) Wyley

Stephen (Sven) Wyley

Stephen (Sven) Wyley is the lead author of Historical Replica Constructions In Wood And Metal…Vikings Volume 1. His fellow contributors being Wayne Robinson and Shannon Joyce.

Stephen (Sven) Wyley was born in 1962 in Colac, Victoria, the son of a nurse and a fibrous plaster. He now lives in Melbourne. He worked in analytical and research science (from EPA to CSIRO) for 25 years, then moved into occupational health and safety because safety paid more and he had a desire to make the world a safer place one workplace at a time. He now works for the state government as a safety inspector.

Stephen is a living historian and re-enactor having joined the New Varangian Guard Inc. in 1984. He started Sven the Merchant (a business making and selling medieval goods mainly consisting of furniture, arrows and leatherwork) in 2004 and went on to start The Free Companies Inc. (a 14th century historical re-enactment group) in 2008.

In his spare time, Stephen trains actors how to fight with medieval weapons, provides fight choreography and props for theatre, television and film as a director of Actor Fight Training Australia. To aid with the understanding of the skills and techniques he has been uploading short films about using and maintaining tools as well as making furniture to his YouTube Channel.

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