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Gabi Martin

Gabi is a working mother of three beautiful grown-up children. It is only recently that she has dipped her toe into uncharted waters by writing stories and poems for her family.

Her book ‘Willow the Wonderful Wallaby’ comes about as Gabi feels keenly aware of many negative social pressures that bombard young people at an early age. These pressures almost command them to look a certain way in order to be accepted amongst their peers.

Gabi’s hope is that her story will help young readers to see through his façade and develop in character and heart.

Besides writing, Gabi enjoys long walks along sandy beaches and natural woodland paths. She also loves baking for her family and seems to be good at making cakes that look awful but taste great.

Mother of three and keenly aware of the social pressures that bombard young people to look a certain way in order to be accepted, this little story seeks to expose that facade giving them the courage to become beautiful people inwardly which is far more valuable. The author’s inspiration comes from Jesus Christ who doesn’t consider outward impressions but knows what is in the heart of man.

Check out Gabi’s book: Willow The Wonderful Wallaby

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