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Simon Lane

Simon Lane

Simon Lane, the author of “Without Delay”, has enjoyed a lifelong career in Operations and Maintenance management.

During Simon Lane’s career, the accreditation of many positions has become more common but not for operations and maintenance managers, or rail planners for some reason. The learning on the job and from the current leaders has prevailed which has resulted in a reliance on a ‘jobs for my mates’ culture and entrenched amateurism to prevail. The rail industry seems to rely on untrained leaders. This book attempts to provide a framework for building a rail management minimum accreditation requirements.

Simon’s three career highlights include:

  1. The realisation is that there are entrenched patterns of failures in timetable design and assets provide low hanging fruit for managers to improve system performance and predictability.
  2. The improvement in peak hour reliability in Melbourne in the mid-1990s, and SBS Transit in Singapore in the late 2010s by addressing the systemic failures which emerged from simple applied statistical analysis and by building a multi-layered leadership framework where hundreds of people had a say in informing and shaping the improvement plans.
  3. The delivery of the Sydney Olympic rail task in 2000, where the Prophets of Doom (the press) praised the rail team in NSW.

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