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Madelin Stones

Madelin is a Geelong mum of two. Pre being snack lord and controller of tv consumption for her two tiny people, Madelin travelled the world on and off for years until she stumbled across her would-be husband in England. They spent a few blissful years going on holidays, buying a house and setting up life in Australia, and taking sleep for granted. Evie and Hunter came along within a year of each other, and life has been as eventful as a cabernet show after a few wines. They’re now settled as a family in Geelong and proud owners to a black cat who feigns indifference to humans, a black and white cattle dog who can’t get enough of humans, and 3 chickens who delight in eating everything from the veggie patch (and your hands if you’re not quick enough).


  1. Fun fact. I used to clean a Chateau for the Sultan of Oman in Paris. He never visited, and we cleaned the same rooms and areas every single week that had never been touched.
  2. Fun fact. I’ve been a cleaner, a deli worker, a marketing director, a travel agent and bar chick. No job is too big or small!
  3. Fun fact. I found out I was pregnant with Evie when Hunter was only 6 months old. We had just arrived in Scotland for a month of ‘travelling to any pub that would have us’.
  4. Fun fact. Chris was in the Army when we met, we lived in different countries, came from different countries, and he was about to leave for Afghanistan. Love is love, and we made it work – 10 years next year!
  5. Fun fact. I can make a better Yorkshire Pudding than my Yorkshire Mother-In-Law. I feel comfortable putting that in print because she lives in Spain and can’t slap me from there!
Check out Madelin’s book: Go To Sleep Evie
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