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Linda Rae

Linda Rae is an artist and author from Kalgoolie in Outback WA. She is always exploring ways to bring the experience of Art to all people.

We can all benefit from more of the creativity, imagination, freedom, and evolution brought to us through visual and performing arts as participants and spectators.

Linda Rae’s portfolio includes a wide range of artistic skills and mediums ranging from acrylic portrait painting, murals, ink work, and a range of interactive live street art to art classes and workshops.

All of these carry the one common and core element of bringing sparkle and wonder to people’s everyday lives.

‘Mother Earth – The art of keeping her nose above water…’ is Linda Rae’s first solo exhibition.  It is a statement on climate change told through the personification of the beautiful, precious, and powerful Mother Earth.

Growing up a farmer’s daughter on the south coast of WA, Linda Rae has seen from ground level how our lands are changing, returning to where she grew up is now a very different place.  Even the red dusty city she’s called home for the last 15 years has changed dramatically in her short time there.  She feels driven to share the pain she feels for our mother earth.  While the real exhibition of 12 larger than life inky women was on display for those lucky enough to view it in the dusty outback WA Goldfields she also has an online exhibition that you can experience from anywhere in the world.

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