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Kathy De Marco

Kathy De Marco

Kathy De Marco is the author of “The Steam Oven Cookbook” A book born from her passion for healthy cooking using steam ovens.

Kathy De Marco has been teaching people how to use steam ovens for the past three years.

After hearing time and time again from her customers that there is not enough information out there to give them the confidence to use these amazing appliances, she decided to write a book. Not just a recipe book, but a guide to steam oven cooking.

She’s hoping that this book will give you enough helpful hints to get you started.

Kathy has always been passionate about food, often inviting friends over for meals so she can show off her cooking skills.

It wasn’t until she was introduced to steam ovens that her love of cooking grew stronger and she realised she could take my everyday meals and turn them into restaurant quality.

The results speak for themselves.

Kathy De Marco really wanted to share her newfound love with all of you. HAPPY COOKING!!!

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