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Karina Joy Stephens

Karina Joy Stephens

Karina Joy Stephens is the author of “The Pace of Grace”.

In December 2012 Karina Joy Stephens’ life completely changed. She suffered major health issues and went through a financial crisis. As a result, she became an obsessive student of Energy.

As we begin to say hello to the year 2021, we also awaken to a New Energy System. This is called 5D. This higher frequency energy is calling us to wake up and shift to a higher frequency world.

Karina’s mission is to help you get ready for this shift. To prepare you to move into this higher energy vibration with ease and grace.  All of us have the potential to create massive changes in the world and the ONLY limitations we have is ourselves.

Just as the currency for the ancient alchemist was precious metal, Karina believes the currency for the modern day alchemist is energy.

Everything is energy and the true superhero power is to be able to transmute energy into matter so that you can live the life of your dreams.

If that interests you, stick around, things are only getting started!!!

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Check out Karina’s Book: The Pace of Grace
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