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The Plato Prophecy

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As China rises, it swaggers with a new sense of nationalism, backed by its bourgeoning military and growing political assertiveness. Are we sleepwalking into disaster?

Democracy is stumbling under the weight of dysfunction and toxicity. Meanwhile, the US seems to be waning, just when we need it most, Britain is struggling with Brexit and Europe is trying to recalibrate.

Social media publishes unfiltered swill across a billion unedited platforms, creating a dangerous new cyber electorate, which a malign foreign actor can invade, to manipulate the public discourse.

A new pandemic of political correctness and ‘wokism’ now attacks free thought, free speech and the right of individuals to hope, to dream and to aspire, unfettered by those who would silence them.

As democracy grapples with these challenges, China, Russia and other, non-democratic regimes are rushing to fill the void. If you are troubled by these things, this is the book for you!

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The Plato Prophecy: As China rises are we sleepwalking into disaster? Is democracy stumbling under the weight of dysfunction and toxicity?

I search for a lighthouse to guide my path and light my gloom. I find none. My trusty pilot, Western Leadership, is nowhere to be found. An eerie silence tells of an approaching storm but is interrupted momentarily by a clanking sound. It is the sound of the scales of justice, rattling and creaking on their hinges. The wind picks up, and Lady Justice’s blindfold is blown from her eyes. It is replaced by a surgical mask, protecting her nostrils from the stench of democratic decay. A new mask covers her mouth and nose, gagging her speech and allowing only a muffled protest. She surveys a bleak landscape and spies another, distant set of scales, measuring the balance of power, which tilt to the east.

Two large animals – a dragon with blazing eyes and a bear, stand tall, holding hammers and sickles and laughing at a group of western leaders, sprawled at their feet. Boris’s buffoonery gives way to Trumpian tackiness and is soon eclipsed by Biden’s befuddlement. Meanwhile, another person, Civil Discourse, wants to join in, but is savaged by the talons of political toxicity. His protests are censored by cyber police and politically correct storm-troopers. Voters, too, have been silenced, replaced by a new, cyber electorate with digital megaphones, who invade our information highways with their spin and impose their unedited swill upon us all. Where are the guardians of democracy? None can be found!

This bleak landscape is imaginary, but it could become real if we remain indifferent to the dysfunction which now threatens democracy, and which has compelled me to write this book, The Plato Prophecy. To balance its narrative, I have decided to write it standing on the shoulders of some philosophical giants, so their thoughts about democracy and freedom might guide my pen.

I chose Plato first, who said: “the price of indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”’. Marcus Aurelius, Rome’s great emperor and administrator next, who codified public policy, launched it as a science and was kind enough to write down his thoughts for us. His splendid example taught generations of future leaders that public policy not only makes nations great but is essential to keep them so. I chose Voltaire, who said ‘I may not agree with you, but I defend to the death your right to a different view!’ Then Abe Lincoln, who said democracy was ‘Government of the people, by the people and for the people’ followed by John Stuart Mill, who said democracy was ’government with the moral authority of the people’. And finally, Confucius, who said: ‘When you plot revenge, be sure to dig two graves’ (If you speak with a toxic tongue and a dark heart, be very sure of your facts).


“The Plato Prophecy” is always in stock. “Printed On Demand” in Australia by Intertype

2 reviews for The Plato Prophecy

  1. Ann Fletcher

    Identifies some critical issues at a seminal moment in history. Well researched. Easy to read and a great in-flight read or when lying by a pool.

  2. Robert Hurst (verified owner)

    An excellent read and insight into international diplomacy. Poses some thought-provoking questions as to what the future might look like when taking into account what is currently taking place in the world at the present time. The author’s experience in dealing with politicians and bureaucrats both locally and internationally shines through.

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